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Advantages of Migration from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting

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Advantages of Migration from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting
DateJun 21, 2024

In this technological era, web hosting services have been evolved a lot to meet the rising demands of the users. Most of the times, the new enterprises use shared hosting to start their first blogging or website. With time, they need to upgrade from fastest shared hosting to VPS hosting or managed cloud VPS hosting and dedicated servers for better bandwidth and storage.

VPS hosting provides a dedicated server space with a specific set of resources while a cloud VPS hosting is more advanced than the VPS hosting as this need limited management with better speed and high reliability factor. In general, VPS hosting is an amalgamation of affordable shared hosting services with reliable dedicated server.

These are key advantages of migrating to VPS hosting from shared hosting:

  • High Performance and speed:

VPS or Virtual Private Server has proven much better than the shared hosting. The user will get access to root server and can change the settings as per their official need. This way, they will get better control and high customer retention rate.

  • Control during heavy traffic on websites:

During the high traffic zone, the VPS offers you better resource control to deal with the situation. This is great in improvising website performance and thus, resulted in great customer satisfaction.

  • Better management and self-healing environment:

    The presence of in-built self-healing feature in the VPS hosting services makes it perfect for dealing configuration related issues. This is great to create an automatic turn on option during the server failure crisis. The micromanagement of resources proves beneficial for the high website productivity.

To get all these listed benefits, choose the VPS hosting with cPanel that includes control panel for easier management from the best hosting provider and see your business growing.

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