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5 Hottest Web Hosting Trends 

5 Hottest Web Hosting Trends 
DateApr 24, 2024

Find a top hosting provider offering both shared and VPS server hosting solutions despite the advanced cloud technology. The latest web hosting technology offers more powerful solutions with the incorporation of cloud technology, and green hosting- an initiative to lessen Co2 formation and the involvement of SSL security followed by more advancements.

To begin your online journey as a seller or a blogger, book a domain name of shared hosting or VPS servicer from a reputed hosting provider. Startup owners and bloggers seeking to establish their online entity can go for shared server hosting solutions unless they need more disk space, speed, and bandwidth as their website grows.

Before you decide how to proceed, explore the top 5 hottest web hosting trends –

  • Cloud Hosting

We know how powerful and massive cloud technology is. It ensures greater storage capacity and higher speed than shared or dedicated server hosting solutions. The basic difference between cloud hosting and VPS hosting is cloud hosting uses multiple physical servers rather than focusing on a single server. Yet you can buy vps server initially to get the root access to it along with more memory and bandwidth.

  • Securing servers with SSL

To qualify as a secure server, websites are supposed to have HTTPS instead of HTTP according to the norm to ensure that the links are protected by SSL security. 

  • Fierce price competition 

Recently, many web hosting companies have arrived online offering web hosting solutions whether cloud or VPS at competitive rates along with a complementary domain name for a year. 

  • Hosting security protocol

This is a ruling trend ensuring websites with an extra layer of protection from external cyber-attacks.

So, go through these web hosting trends before buying a package to get access to advanced technology for the betterment of your digital presence.

  • Green Hosting

The current web hosting trend is focusing more on green hosting to protect our environment by controlling extreme Co2 formation. According to a recent survey, every year the internet produces a huge volume of Co2 equal to driving 31 million cars at a time. Thus, go for eco-friendly web hosting offering Carbon Offset Certificates (VER) and Renewable Energy Certificates (REC). 

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